AE2 All In One Solar Street Light (2015 version)

AE2 Series is the world’s first ‘All-In-One’ solar powered LED light. Fully integrated all of its components and motion sensor within an attractive and compact design, AE2 not only saves more energy but also improved light effeciency. By critically choosing advanced Li-ion battery and corrosion resistant material, we created at least three times longer lifes- pan and extremely simple way for installation solar street light compare with traditional one that equiped with lead acid battery. AE2 redefined solar street light in both intension and extension.

AE2 (2015 Version) is applying revolutionary technology developments of MPPT(Maximum Power Point Tracking) controller, improved LED lens solution available today.

All In One Design

MPPT Controller

Battery Management System


Infrared Motion Sensor

Wireless Control System


Product Features

All In One Design

Their integrated photovoltaic module, charging controller and LiFePO4 battery combine with high output LEDs and human infrared sensor to achieve multiple features such as high luminance, long lifespan, minimal maintenance and easy installation.

Product Structure

Major components is Modularity design with IP65 rate, which is easy assemble and maintenance

IP65 rated components ensure endurance against harsh weather and keep AE Series free from corrosion and premature failure.

MPPT Controller

MPPT (maximum power point tracking) controller automatically track the maximum power point according to the weather variation. Its charging

rate is 16~30% higher than PWM controller.

Charging efficiency contrast *


Adopted CREE 5 watts LED with average light illumination of 130lm @350mA, 85􀂥.

Bat wing light distribution

Leadsun new design light distribution lens widely improve illumination effect.

Compared with the last generation product, illumination area enlarge 40% more, and illumination uniformity does improve up to 200%.

Motion detection

The AE2 series comes complete with built-in motion detection system that automatically regular the light soure from full bright (100%) to the energy saving output (30%) to increase battery autonomy.

LIVESUN Wireless System

By choosing a wireless module (Bluetooth, 433 or GPRS), users can wirelessly control the light, monitor working status, set custom working mode or review historical charging data. AE2 bring endusers a easier way to control their outdoor lighting than even before.

Your can do below through LIVESUN:

Control the light

Turn ON or turn OFF the light and change light intensity in the range of 10% to 100%.

Track historical data

Review monthly report to track every day's power generation, inner temperature and detail records for charging and discharge.

Set custom working mode

Users can set their own working mode according to the local solar irradiance or peak sun hours and other lighting requirement.

Real-time supervision

Monitor the status of main components and real time charging / discharging data.